The Township of Tiny Trails and Active Transportation Master Plan is Complete

Presentation to Council Monday July 25


In August of 2010, The Township of Tiny retained the planning consultants at PLANbyDESIGN to help the Township prepare a Community Trails Master Plan and Active Transportation Plan.


The Trails Master Plan will act as a guiding document and inform future decisions about trails in Tiny Township including Wyevale, Perkinsfield, Lafontaine Wyebridge, and Toanche. The objectives of the study are as follows: to conduct a needs assessment for Trails in the Township of Tiny, to identify, assess, and recommend future uses and surfacing of the trails, to recommend future enforcement strategies, and to identify potential partnership opportunities.

The Active Transportation Plan will be focused on non-motorized travel.  Active Transportation is any form of human powered transportation including:

  • Walking
  • Cycling
  • Using a Wheelchair
  • Pushing a Stroller
  • Running
  • Inline Skating or Skateboarding

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